Ashley Jablonski currently hangs out in White River Junction, Vermont.  She received her Master of Fine Arts at the Center for Cartoon Studies in 2022.  She has also received a Bachelor's in Sociology with minors in Art History and Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.  Along with that, she has framing experience, museum experience, and teaching experience.  In her free time, you can find her making comics, making band art for her punk friends, hiking to the Skyrim soundtrack, wandering through New England cemeteries, or reading in a park.  
Group Exhibitions: 
2017- Group Show, Yellow Rose Gallery, Madison, WI. 
2018-Group Show, Waupaca, WI. 
2019- “Unconventional Point of View” ArtLess Bastards, DePere, WI. 
2019- “Untitled” ArtLess Bastards, DePere, WI. 
2019- “Rejected” ArtLess Bastards, DePere, WI.

Publications and Media: 
Crafted Thoughts Volume 2, 2017, pg. 30. 
Madison Journal of Literary Criticism Summer 2017. 
Madison Journal of Literary Criticism Summer 2018. 
Mush 2018 pgs. 2, 34. 
Sheepshead Review 2018 pg. 99. 
Underground Art and Literary Journal 2018, cover design and pg. 18. 
Open Minds Quarterly, Signs and Symptoms Issue, Winter 2019.
Cream City Review 2019.

Other Noteworthy Accomplishments: Rose Minster and them designed the mural for the Downtown Alleyway Project with CREATE Portage County and the University of Stevens Point.  Their whole class helped color and paint.  They also got the community involved.  Downtown Stevens Point, WI, Spring 2018. They also designed a trash can for TrashCanvas in Stevens Point in 2019, 2020, and 2021.
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